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And previous to the introduction of the current Sex Industry Offences Act in 2005 “prostitution” was dealt with under the police offences act and included crimes such as “running a bawdy house” and “living off the earnings of prostitution”.Today, brothels and street-based sex work remain illegal.

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Labor MLC Josh Willie said the Government's accusation was gutter politics."Labor and independent MLCs voted against the legislation based on evidence," he said.

Apsley MLC Tania Rattray was one of the members who backed the bill.

Health Minister Michael Ferguson said there were currently too many loopholes, which made it difficult for police to charge sex offenders."For example, a person who's a registered sex offender who visited a high school wasn't able to be charged with the offence of loitering," he said."There are a large number of areas where we'll be making important refinements to the sex offenders register and the way it's managed."Labor MP Rebecca White welcomed the proposed changes but wants to see details of the bill."Of course we want to make sure there are appropriate provisions in place to protect the community against sex offenders," she said.

President of People Protecting Children and former Labor MLC, Allison Ritchie, said while the proposed changes were necessary, they did not go far enough."[We] absolutely welcome the introduction of any legislation that makes the surveillance provisions and the checking-in provisions of those people who've been convicted of offences against children more stringent," she said.

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