Sorority sisterhood speed dating dating advice for women in their 50s

She asked to remain anonymous, because sorority sisters “never stop watching you.” According to Sarah, you judge your PNM’s (Potential New Members) from the top down.“None of those girls are listening to anything anyone is saying the first day,” she says.A process full of its ups and downs, like a roller coaster of emotion, with ten times the amount of screaming, culminating in the final event known as Bid Day.“Bid Day is like Christmas except the presents are girls…

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But the girls joining the Delta Theta sorority were in for a different type of theme that came as quite a surprise to many.

Holding their shirts up to the light of day they were shocked to read: “Make Delta Theta Great Again.” “I’m not really sure why everyone is so like up in arms about the Donald Trump theme.

When I saw the t-shirt I was just like glad I was in Delta Theta because I am way too pretty to be in a bad sorority so I didn’t even care about the theme,” said freshman Sarah Simmons.

The Internet also provides quasi-survival guides and tips on how to win a bid.

On You Tube, Sarah Beth shares her insider tips for 38 minutes: don’t wear too tight of jeans, don’t ask too many questions, smile. Buried beneath all the survival guides and You Tube videos, though, lies a constitution of sorts: The Sorority Handbook by Ida Shaw Martin, published in 1907.

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