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Sometimes I just see or feel their attraction, but they are usually too dumb to express it.What I’m saying is that this female energy is attractive in itself – in fact I think it’s the major part of what is attractive about a woman.

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She was ranked number 98 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2011, three years before she underwent sex reassignment surgery - and she has not looked back since.Learn to stop , and to treat trans people the same as any other member of their gender, because truly, that’s what they are.Please do this, because it’s unfair that the burden of educating people and dealing with people’s insecurities must all fall to me.And at times these people have even admitted their attraction to me.But even then, they didn’t want to lost interest in me. And I hear often that “if someone really loves you, they won’t worry about your body”. I still have only been in love relationships with bisexual people since transitioning, but still, I guess it’s true.

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