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Hiroshi Takeuchi, 38, says he is an otaku himself who is into anime and manga.His company, Hiroshi Planning, based in Osaka’s Naniwa Ward, organizes cosplay events and other activities. But now, it is held four times a month also in Tokyo and Nagoya.But still, when it comes to the world of dating, it’s no exaggeration to say that the wind isn’t exactly blowing in their favour.Even the popular film “Densha Otoko” couldn’t give the impression that “otakus make good boyfriends”.■ 1.So rather than the costly long process of getting them fixed at an electronics store, your otaku boyfriend will fix them for you — super fast and for free! They won’t cheat on you in the real world: “Guys like that basically don’t have much interest in real human relationships, so they definitely won’t cheat on you! Well, that’s the reason that prior to the cheating they found it difficult to find a girlfriend in the first place”.(23 years old, mobile phone shop)With the spread of SNS, it’s now much easier to cheat than it was before, plus it’s started to become the norm.“Compared with other machi-con events, it seems that (Ani-con) continues to liven up even after it is over because participants go out and sing anime songs or do other activities together afterwards,” said Mai Ueda, 24, who works at the Osaka branch of Machi-Con Japan operator Linkbal Inc.The company also plans to organize similar events across Japan.

The idea to turn otaku’s often tricky quest for love into a business proposition was the brainchild of a company president who knows how difficult it can be.Speaking about why he started the matchmaking party, he recalled, “I myself wanted a girlfriend. Participants need to take a “diagnostic test” when they register online to see if they are otaku or not.Otaku hardly have a chance to find a nice partner, so I wanted to help.” Hiroshi Planning hosted a “machi-con” large-scale community-based matchmaking party exclusively for otaku called Otapa! 10, with 44 men and 42 women ranging in age from 20 to 35 joining the event at a venue in Osaka’s Chuo Ward. They can join the events alone, and also often make friends with like-minded fans of the same sex through their mutual interests.According to the contents of this article, there’d be no need to have an otaku as your boyfriend — it’d be enough to just have him as a friend.Oh, and saying “we netizens” — what the hell kind of otaku would say that!

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