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S.” When Zainab was eight or nine, she and Naeem read the entire Quran together, which took about a year. Later, as an undergraduate at Cornell, majoring in health policy, she studied Arabic. A few days earlier—this was last spring—there had been a Trump campaign rally in Bethpage, a couple of miles to the east. She said, ‘I couldn’t take it when he took off his watch and his necklace and gave them to his family.’ She had got to know these people. makes you kind of entrepreneurial,” Marshall Miller told me. Immediately after 9/11, we had, I think, zero terrorism cases. You gotta go out there and make friends with all the agents and legats. “Foreign governments won’t coöperate with us,” he said. Finally, she told me, the Malians said, “Yes, come and get him.” Ahmad exhaled, shaking her head. On road trips with her best friend from college, Shally Madan, who lives in California, Madonna, Rihanna, and the “Bend It Like Beckham” soundtrack see heavy rotation.“You could hear the roaring from here,” Naeem said. _’s.” Like his daughter, Naeem has a quick tongue and a ready laugh. So I said, ‘Which side would you rather be on, the government or the defense? Ahmad seems barely to share her intensity (or much else) about her work with her nonwork friends.The preview that Cheibani and his lawyers got was discouraging. Y., David Bitkower, told me, “You coöperate some kid from Minneapolis in 2009, and a couple of years later he’s going to help you prosecute an Al Shabaab commander, who is going to help you pursue defendants farther up the chain.” Ahmad considers all her Trials are relatively easy, in Ahmad’s view: “There’s a neutral arbiter—a judge, a jury.“They know Zainab’s reputation,” a federal prosecutor who has worked with Ahmad said. You make your best argument, and they decide.” Getting an extraterritorial terrorism case charged, on the other hand, requires establishing facts to the satisfaction of an American grand jury about events that occurred, often years ago, in faraway places.“She never walked, she always skipped,” Jamile, who now lives in Pakistan, told me. We had to take an Algerian judge with us to her house. agents, or that they’ll get in trouble if they talk to us.”Ahmad, who really is a U. agent, says that she also struggles to cultivate foreign witnesses. We’re a government engaged in sovereign relations with a foreign government, and in deference to them.”Ahmad pursued the Cheibani case because, she said, it seemed both important and feasible. “It’s not like we’re going around West Africa trying to charge everybody who supports A. As Ahmad worked toward an extradition, her diplomatic skills were at full stretch. “I thought Taylor Swift was just trendy and beneath notice until I heard Zainab sing ‘Blank Space’ there with her cop friend Ed.” On cross-examination, Ahmad admitted that her signature karaoke tune is “Manic Monday,” as interpreted by the Bangles.“Her sixth-grade teacher praised her respectfulness, and that meant a lot to me. It’s difficult to raise a respectful child in the U. I would send her back to class with new ideas and questions.” Even as a lawyer, he said, “she sometimes uses me as a bounce-off for ideas—to see what I say.”Naeem served lunch and tea. The defense attorneys don’t have to do that.”But, in the view of Joshua Dratel, a New York attorney who has represented a number of high-profile terrorism defendants, it’s the government that actually enjoys an advantage in evidence-gathering. Cheibani’s criminal networks were formidable, and any of the governments involved—France, Mali, and Niger—could have halted the process at any time. Her youngest brother likes country music, so they belt out Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” on drives out to see the folks on Long Island.Nasrin, a tall, smiling woman in her fifties, is the town clerk of Hempstead, which has a population of eight hundred thousand. You’re not after the person, you’re after the truth.’ ”When Ahmad joined the Eastern District, in 2008, she first worked on Brooklyn and Staten Island gang cases, but soon found herself drafted into a terrorism investigation that centered on a plot to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at John F. The plotters, one of them a former baggage handler, were a motley quartet from Guyana and Trinidad, and the case led to both Iran and Al Qaeda. We couldn’t let him get away.”At the trial of Kadir and Defreitas, in 2010, Miller assigned Ahmad to make the closing argument. “She’s so offhand about it,” the freelance writer said.She is the first elected official of South Asian extraction in New York State. “You start following a disgruntled baggage handler, a guy who’s mouthing off in Queens,” Ahmad said. She knew the case thoroughly, and had shown poise and fluency in court. has in some ways overtaken its traditional rival, the Southern District, which is based in Manhattan. “She doesn’t let her work hang over her like a pall.

The accused was Alhassane Ould Mohamed, also known as Cheibani, who was famed around the Sahel as a smuggler. Bultemeier’s vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser that belonged to the Embassy, was recovered in Timbuktu, and Cheibani’s fingerprints and DNA were found inside. After a subsequent attack on a Saudi convoy in Niger left four dead, he was caught, tried, and sentenced to twenty years. The next year, with Cheibani “in the wind,” as Ahmad put it, she obtained an indictment, and soon afterward the French Army caught him in an Al Qaeda column in northern Mali.“They know their chances are not good.”Ahmad had made numerous trips to West Africa, chasing leads, collecting evidence, interviewing potential witnesses. “Coöperators are the unsung heroes of this business,” Ahmad said. For Ahmad’s cases, those places have included Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Somalia, Trinidad, Guyana, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Special approval must be obtained both from Main Justice—as government lawyers call Justice Department headquarters, in Washington, D.For the hearing, she brought in seventeen witnesses from Niger and Mali, few of whom were prepared for a New York winter. “We were all frantically scraping up coats, hats, shoes. But the hardest part of bringing a terrorism suspect onto American soil, she says, has usually been convincing the U. C.—and from the National Security Council, in the White House.A security guard at an Air Afrique office testified to seeing him commit the shooting. Then he escaped again, in a mass breakout mounted by Boko Haram. In Brooklyn, Cheibani’s lawyers, public federal defenders, had requested a suppression hearing, hoping to quash some of the prosecution’s evidence on constitutional grounds.In 2002, though, Cheibani escaped from jail, and reportedly went to work for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. In 2012, Ahmad got the Bultemeier investigation, by then a very cold case, reassigned to E. Such hearings are a chance for the defense to get a preview of the government’s case.

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