Nse error while updating script database

If omitted, the context is assumed to be in the same project used for migrations.

Specifies the name of a connection string to use from the application’s configuration file. If omitted, the context’s default connection will be used.

Specifies that the migrations configuration be overwritten when running more than once for given project.

Specifies the name of a particular migration to update the database to. Generate a SQL script rather than executing the pending changes directly.

Specifies that data loss is acceptable during automatic migration of the database.

Specifies the directory to use for the app-domain that is used for running Migrations code such that the app-domain is able to find all required assemblies.

This is an advanced option that should only be needed if the solution contains several projects such that the assemblies needed for the context and configuration are not all referenced from either the project containing the context or the project containing the migrations.

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