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When I got to the bottom of the stairs I noticed that my shoes felt odd. First it was okay because it gets light so much later in the morning and i dress in the dark now (never mind the fact that I consciously decided not to turn the bedroom light on)... Second it was okay because as the day went on many people came up to me and told me they had done the same thing once (I wasn't alone! Consensus from coworkers helped relieve the dissonance I felt. I can't tell you how many times I've slipped and called him Norman. Worst of all, I'm paying a good deal of money to be tortured this way. Why else would I inflict such punishment on myself.

I have never dated a Norman, so I don't know why my mind insists on substituting that name, but it does. I could be back on that good-paying easy job that I detested so much. I want the second half of my life to be more rewarding.

If viewers believe that other people are subscribing, they are more likely to comply with the request.

Foot-in-the-door phenomenon - Women will sometimes be persuaded to let a date come up to their apartment at the end of an evening, "just for one drink".

If he has made it this far, asking to spend the night, which would have first seemed out of the question, is now likely to be met with "sure I guess that would be all right."Door-in-the-face phenomenon - from Christine Smith at Antioch College: "You are approached by a charity group, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

They would like you to be a Big Sister in the program, which involves a 2 year commitment.

I have organized examples by topics alphabetically under "chapter" headings.

Most of the initial examples below are from students in my social psychology course that they identified in the process of completing their journal assignments.

If the woman seems to be easy prey he may tell her how tired he has suddenly become and ask if he could just lie on the sofa for "a few minutes"--since the weather is bad and he has a long drive it may not be safe to get behind the wheel just yet.

Charging the subscription eliminates the possibility of procrastination or retraction of the commitment.

They also use the social consensus technique by letting the viewers view the busy operators and hear the phones ring.

There are many concepts with few or no corresponding examples below.

So, help me and your colleagues out -- send me any examples you would like to share! Attributions: Kelley's Theory, Fundamental Attribution Error, Self-serving Bias; Impression Formation: Primacy Effect, Vividness Effect/Availability Heuristic, Schemas/Stereotypes; Judgment Biases: Belief Perseverance, Confirmation Bias, Heuristics, Hindsight Bias, Illusion of Causation, Memory Distortion, Self-fulfilling prophecy, Thin slices Competition? teenagers will be charged with manslaughter by Dutch prosecutors for allegedly taking part in an attack on a linesman at a youth football match." Anyone know more about the details of this incident?

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