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On 19 July 2017 Veon announced launching Personal Internet Platform named VEON in major markets: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Georgia.The platform provides contextualized, personalized internet experiences and opportunities, enabling customers to call, chat, read, watch, listen and share media, manage account (top up, opt in/out services).Costs in US $ Check points There are numerous checkpoints on main routes.There are 12 between Turmenbashi and Ashgabat and 13 between Ashgabat and Farab (Uzbekistan border) LPG and Fuel Adequate but not frequent filling stations on the main routes.Vehicle Documents No documents required - but see Entry Costs below Entry Costs There does not seem to be a specific category of vehicle recognised in Turkmenistan as a motorhome.The most likely categories to be applied are either a car for small vehicles or bus for larger ones.They have been locked in a years-long struggle for control of this enterprise as well as other telecommunication assets in Eastern Europe. In November 2015 the company CEO, Jo Lunder was arrested on corruption charges in Oslo, Norway.

The company explained that the re-branding was part of a shift towards marketing themselves as a technology company, and not solely a telecommunications firm.

Autumn very pleasant with the bazaars loaded with fruit.

Where to go Permits are needed to visit some parts of the country - mainly in the south Roads Roads in general are all well kept and in good condition.

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