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The badges can be linked to resumes, so employers can see students’ competencies, which sets them apart from other applicants.In this session, Kimberly Moore will use her experience developing and implementing Wichita State’s badge program to demonstrate the benefit of badges in traditional academic environments.The trick, according to Emily Mclerney and Mike King, is twofold: the right content and the right tool.

In this session, Jeffrey Selingo offers a glimpse into the future, analyzing demographic trends to predict how students will learn, the role of technology, the risks and opportunities for incumbent players, and how your institution can become an enduring platform for lifelong learning.

We congratulate the following individuals for their appointment and thank them for their service: Registrants will receive a free wire-bound copy of Jeff Selingo’s 2026: The Decade Ahead.

Produced by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this book provides an eye-opening look into the future of higher education and how you can prepare for it.

Whether you’re talking to an audience of high school seniors or adult learners, their five-point plan gives you an easy template to follow for executing successful strategic marketing initiatives that will get your work noticed.

Presented by David Roberts, Managing Director The Knowledge Partnership Whether here or across the Atlantic, the adult-student market poses a lot of challenges for higher education.

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