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Clines pleaded guilty to murder in 2016 as part of plea agreement and is serving two life sentences and a 20-year sentence for a separate burglary in which two separate victims were shot and lived.

“She said she asked him if he’s into kinky sex” and whether he gets tied up with tape,” Luna said.less Antoinette Martinez, who is accused in the 2014 deaths of two men who were lured with the promise of sex to her apartment and then robbed and killed, stands in 175th District Court during opening statements ...more A San Antonio police detective who testified Wednesday walked the jury through a lengthy interview where a woman accused of capital murder detailed how she and her co-defendant robbed and killed two men in 2014, and dragged and dumped their bodies in a field for rent money.Tully exited the show in the next-to-last episode in her wedding gown with tears streaming down her face.It seems like a bummer for fans of the show to know the day after the finale that the couple at the show's heart is no longer seeing each other.

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